C. A. P. Communications

C. A. P. Communications is CLOSED

C. A. P. Communications closed it's operations on December 01, 2016.

I appreciate all of the customers that I had over the many years, and wish all of you a continued success. It was through your patronage that I made it as long as I did, and my many thanks for allowing me to provide you with the customer support that you expected, deserved, and yes demanded, and that which I was glad to provide. I had a great time, and will continue to support public safety communications as I move forward in a different direction and through different resources. It was not an easy decision that I made to close operations, but due to the ever demanding and changing government regulations, it became more than what I was able and willing to do, to stay in business. I truly donít understand how the small shops keep going. To those that do, my hat is off to you. Keep it up. It was a great ride while it lasted. My many thanks and best wishes to everyone that made it happen. God Bless.

We have sold all of our inventory and test equipment.

If you were a customer of ours, and have a question, please contact us via eMail.

Our eMail address is: "radio-info @ cap-comm . com".
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